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Galveston party buses

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Party Bus Galveston

galveston party buses

If you're looking for a party bus in Galveston and the surrounding area that gives you the best amount of quality for your dollar, then Limo Bus Galveston has got you covered. No matter what event you're planning, whether its a birthday party, or perhaps a wedding anniversary, or the wedding itself. Or even the bachelor/ bachelorette parties that lead up to your wedding. Our wide array of vehicles insures that every single part of your celebration is filled with fun and excitement even when you get in the car. We fulfill your need of making sure that everyone in your group arrives at the same time and not a moment late. With our professionalism, everything will go according to plan. With our quality fleet of luxury and posh party buses, your big event becomes an unforgettable experience that you'll want to repeat over and over again.

Our wide array of vehicles means that you can always rely on us to provide you with the very best vehicles in Galveston, no matter the occasion. We have small buses which are great for smaller parties such as just your family and your close friends. As well as larger buses which are great for bar and party hopping as well as transporting your entire bridal party from one location to another. When you choose Limo Bus Galveston to provide transportation for you event, big or small you know that you're getting the very best.

We pride our selves on the quality of our work from our warm and ready to help staff, to our state of the art buses designed to give you the very best in both luxury and technology. We are so good at what we do that there are now a great deal of people who turn directly to us when they need a party bus or limo while parading in Galveston's metro area and beyond. We want to become your number one source for a party bus as well! We aim to make sure that you as well as all your friends will join the already massive amount of people who use Limo Bus Galveston as there only source for when they need a luxury experience for the transportation of there event.

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We have put together this site as a guide to everything that we do, just a nice overview for you to browse at your convenience. We hope you’ll take the time to familiarize yourself with everything that we have to offer, and whenever you’re ready to get in touch with us about renting one of our sizzling hot vehicles, just give us a call!

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Our Limo Buses page will tell you everything there is to know about our fleet, showing you some featured vehicles and giving you an up-close and personal view of exactly what we are known for. You can kick back and enjoy the tantalizing photography of these gorgeous vehicles, and perhaps even choose the ideal one for your upcoming trip! We hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, right there on our limo buses page!

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It seems that when our customers first call us, their questions always resolve around price. We understand that you work hard for that paycheck every week and you don’t want to pay for more than you actually receive or have hidden fees tacked on at the end of your trip. We can work our luxurious services into even the tightest budgets, so if you’re at all concerned about that, we hope you’ll reach out and give us a call. We can address your concerns and even give you some tips on how to save money when traveling with us. Our booking rates page will give you more information on this.

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Our events page will give you a great glimpse at the types of events that we serve most often, which tend to fall in the weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, school dances, concerts, bar/bat mitzvahs, tailgates, birthdays, and bar/club hopping categories! There’s no limit to the events that we can take you to, and you don’t even need a reason to head out in one of our vehicles! Let our vehicle be your nightclub. Get out there and party it up on the road!

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Our service area page gives you a general idea of the areas that we serve most often, but by no means is it supposed to represent the only areas we are willing to travel to! Some companies are very limited in that regard but we do our best to be flexible. Wherever you want to go, we’ll try to fit it into your itinerary! Should not be a problem at all.

Common Questions

Finally, we’ve put together a frequently asked questions page because our customers tend to call us up with many of the same questions. We just want to save you some time in the booking process. If you would prefer to just call us up and ask everything directly, please do not hesitate. We are always thrilled to hear from you and we’re in business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to take your calls and take you out on the road!

Galveston party bus features

  • Multiple TVs
  • Light show
  • Dancing pole
  • Booming sound system
  • Leather seating
  • Aux hookups
  • Built-in bar
  • LED lighting
  • Tinted windows
  • DVD player

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